Recumbent Bike Workout for Beginners

beginner workout on recumbent bike

In this article – We will look at how Recumbent Bike Workout for Beginners will help them to achieve their goals.

If you’re interested in trying out recumbent exercise bike programs but don’t know where to start, read on!

This guide will walk you through the basics of recumbent bike workouts for beginners and provide some simple instructions on how to get started.

Due to my training and experience as a trainer, I designed these recumbent exercise bike workout for beginners.

What You Need to Start

For your beginner recumbent bike workout plan to be successful, you will have to follow certain steps.

The step-by-step guide will make your workout efficient and effective. Let’s have a look at what steps you need to start for a recumbent bike workout plan.

Choose a Good Recumbent Bike

Fitness enthusiasts generally favor recumbent bikes for their ease of use and comfort. Unlike the upright bike, it is convenient and user friendly. You can make exercise fun with a recumbent bike. Hop on and start exercising while handling daily tasks as well.

It has a comfortable seat that provides support to your back. You will not feel any fatigue or discomfort later in your spine or muscles as with an upright bike. It will draw you to exercise more often and then, and this is the best way to achieve fitness goals.

It is also applauded for the versatility it offers. Anyone can exercise regardless of physical issues. Everyone can enjoy the beginner workout on recumbent bike with the same level of comfort and motivation for progress.

Set up your Bike

Take your time to get acquainted with the bike first. Read the manual and instructions for a better understanding of the bike. Adjust the seat according to your body before starting. Also, adjust the pedal straps for a firm grip while cycling. Take a look at the control panel to make sure it has the correct readout.

The panel will display the number of calories burnt, time duration, heart rate, and speed. In the next step, adjust the resistance level according to your need. After checking up on everything, it is time for you to warm up the body.


Warming up is an integral part of the exercise. Warming up puts all the muscles in motion, making it easier for the body to adjust to intense exercise.

Start by stretching your chest. Spread your legs and hold the towel at the back with your hands. Lift your hands and keep the position for 20 seconds and repeat it five times.

With the help of the shoulder reaches, you can also warm up your shoulder. To mobilize your lower body, you need to do the leg swings.

First, grab on to something solid for stability. Swing your right and left leg in a forward and backward motion. It is necessary to swing every leg at least ten times.

Recumbent Bike Workout for Beginners

The cycling position in the recumbent bike is not only good for your back but also for other parts of your body. This easy motion allows you to work for all the major muscle groups at once. Unlike traditional bikes, these bikes do not need hours of sitting straight up. So you can ride without getting tired or sore!

1- Pedaling Workout 

StageWeek 1 – 4Week 5 – 8Week 9 – 11Week 12
Spin Easy10 minutes15 minutes15 minutes10 minutes
Fast Pedal Interval1 minute1 minute 30 secs2 minutes1 minute
Recover2 minutes 1 minute 30 secs 1 minute2 minutes
RepeatRepeat x 5Repeat x 10Repeat x 10Repeat x 5
Spin Easy5 minutes15 minutes15 minutes5 minutes
Total Workout Time30 minutes1 hour1 hour30 minutes

Are you looking for an alternative workout to stay active? If so, try a recumbent exercise bike. It’s great to ride recumbent bikes because you keep your feet on the ground and your spine in natural alignment. [1]

This position is much more comfortable than sitting upright on a conventional bicycle or even sitting at a desk all day! The cardio benefits of using this type of machine are also worth noting. When pedaling, you work many major muscle groups – not those in your legs but also in your abdominals and arms. 

The recumbent bike is one of the very best gym equipment for achieving weight loss goals. Especially when used in conjunction with other strength training exercises such as squatting, lunging and pushups.

2- Interval Training

Interval training is one of the most known exercise methods. In training, there are defined intervals for an intense workout and then rest. When talking about the rest, we do not mean you will stop pedaling, but it is defined as active rest. It is the workout you will do at a slower speed rather than intense.

Start with resistance set at three and warm up for three minutes. Then increase the setting to 7 and pedal for 7 minutes straight while your heart rate goes up.

Then after that, bring the resistance to 2, and that will be a time of your active rest for 2 minutes.

Continue pedaling for 8 minutes with a resistance of 8. It will make you sweat.

Take the second active rest for 3 minutes.

Mount the resistance to 7 and pedal for 7 minutes, and it’s time to say goodbye to bulky things.

alm down after 7 minutes, and your 20 minutes of interval training is done!

3- Recumbent Bike Hiit Workout

The best recumbent bike HIIT workout? This one is for you! You’ll need a high-quality, adjustable seat; it should also have several resistance levels. Here are some guidelines but as always – customize this routine to suit your needs (i.e., if certain parts become too difficult).

Level 8 resistance 90 RPM 5 min
Level 15 resistance 80 RPM 1 min
Level 1 resistance 50 RPM 30 seconds
Level 15 resistance 80 RPM 1 min
Level 1 resistance 50 RPM 30 seconds
Level 15 resistance 80 RPM 1 min
Level 1 resistance 50 RPM 30 seconds

The recumbent bike is a great workout for your legs, especially when you do HIIT workouts. So during these segments pedal as hard and fast as possible while moving between! After doing this type of exercise I feel like my leg muscles are on fire (in an awesome way). 

Plus it’s much easier than running or other high-intensity exercises. because there isn’t any pressure from keeping up with others around me at that pace. [2]

4- Dumbell Workout

The workout is not only effective for your lower body but also works the upper half of you. For this one, you’ll need a pair of dumbbells. Pick the dumbells of good quality and correct size if you have not purchased them before. They will come useful during your active rest time as you can do various exercises with them.

This recumbent exercise bike program is good for building up your endurance and burning calories. But it can also make you breathless or cause sensations in the muscles as part of this process. You are working out harder than before, hence you can expect this.

5- Endurance Training

Endurance training is key to reaching your goals! This plan will help you with endurance, build strength, and tone your muscles throughout your body! The best part about these workouts is how simple they can be – just adjust the resistance according to skill level or routine objectives.

Levels RPMMins
Level 8RPM 905 min
Level 11RPM 804 min
Level 13RPM 653 min
Level 15 RPM 502 min
Level 2 RPM 501 min
Level 12 RPM 804 min
Level 14 RPM 653 min
Level 16 RPM 502 min
Level 2 RPM 501 min

If the workouts are too difficult, increase your recovery time or lower levels. If they’re too easy and you feel like there is a little challenge for yourself. Then try adding weights to your routine, and even use dumbbells! [3]

Don’t cut down on these types of exercises unless instructed by a specific workout plan. Keep in mind that every athlete has their own different needs when creating an intense fitness regimen.

So make sure yours align accordingly.

First, you should consider adding heavier weight training equipment (or higher intensity) before making any major changes.

6- Use Preset Workouts

Recumbent Bike Workout for Beginners

Not all recumbent bikes come with a console, but if yours does then there’s no need to worry. This type of exercise equipment is specially designed for use with your own equipment for even more intense workouts! 

Simply choose one from among the pre-set programs or create your own personalized routine by downloading an app onto it. These will help keep boredom at bay while also helping shed those extra pounds off in record time.

Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Specific tips will help you in the beginner stationary bike workout routine. If you consider these tips, that will save you time and also let you exercise more effectively.

Some of the beginners use a Recumbent bike ineffectively which leads to unproductive exercise. Below mentioned are some tips for the Recumbent bike workout for Beginners.

  • Adjust the seat according to your stature and posture. It rapidly increases the support enhancing the comfort level. Slide and adjust in any direction you want.
  • Stretch out before hopping on a recumbent bike. Do lunges, toe touches, trunk rotation leg swings for stretching out.
  • Warm-up with the help of a steady start for at least five minutes.
  • Maintain the correct form as advised by the professionals to save yourself from any injury.
  • Start with the low resistance level and gradually increase it with time when you have adjusted to the difficulty level.
  • Interval training is another technique that you can employ to make your work out more effective.
  • Set the duration of pedaling according to your fitness goals. For weight loss, it is recommended to pedal for at least 60 minutes daily.
  • You should take a picture of your body before you start exercising if you want to lose fat. Afterward, compare your before and after results.

Safety Precautions

Make sure that the bike is turned off before getting on or adjusting it.

  • Keep your feet securely placed on the pedals at all times while working out.
  • Lean forward slightly when you’re riding in order to keep your center of gravity within bounds and avoid falling over while exercising. This position will also allow you to breathe easier than if you were leaning back, which can become uncomfortable after a few minutes spent biking!
  • Make sure that the bike has a good grip on the floor and won’t slip while you’re riding it.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing or jewelry when working out, as they can get caught in moving parts!
  • If you feel like there isn’t enough space for both hands, consider wearing gloves to protect them from blisters caused by tight gripping around handlebars.
  • Keep your feet away from any rotating element of the recumbent bicycle (such as pedals) to avoid getting hurt. If you want to rest during workouts then try sitting cross-legged with your arms crossed over each other behind your head for comfort and maximum relaxation.
  • You can also work both sides equally by switching between them every few seconds if desired; this will help strengthen all muscles evenly without putting too much strain on one side at once.
  • Remember not to sit up straight right before finishing an exercise session because you may become dizzy.

Nutritions You Need During Workout

Nutrition's in recumbent exercise bike workouts

The ideal recumbent bike workout routine for your waistline is to eat healthy, fresh food. The key to losing weight with minimal effort is getting more efficient at burning calories and fat through metabolic conditioning.

Beginners need to be careful with nutrition when starting a recumbent bike workout plan. 

To find out how you can get the most from your workout, it all starts with a proper diet. Make sure that what works for one cyclist won’t necessarily work for you.

The first thing you need to check on is your day-to-day consumption. You can’t just eat anything and hope it works, because each person has different nutritional needs!

The best way for finding out what food will work well with yours (especially if this sounds like something new) would be by doing an experiment.

Drink water one morning before beginning any type of workout routine, then see how fast endurance training goes over after drinking fluids during or immediately following exercise sessions.

Similarly, you should start by making a list of all the delicious things that make up this kind of cuisine-slices like vegetables (especially leafy greens), fiber-rich whole grains, or legumes such as beans. Protein sources can be found in meats/fish but even healthier alternatives include eggs too!

Make sure not only these items appear throughout each day’s meals plan but also plenty of ‘vegetables’ so we know how much variety our body will get from them.

Some Last Words

Recumbent bike workouts are great because they allow people who have never worked out before to ease themselves into things slowly while still enjoying their newfound experiences.

Recumbent bikes have a low center of gravity which makes them easier to balance on and also less likely that you’ll slip or fall off.

No matter what age, a recumbent bike will let you experience exercise differently, even if you are a beginner in the ’50s. So, it will be your exercise buddy for a long time from youth to the elderly.

Whether you are looking to lose weight or stay fit, a recumbent bike will give you want you to desire.

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