Recumbent Bike Workout for Beginners

Are you confused about which workout plan to follow on a Recumbent bike? You have come to the right place. To erase your confusion, we have briefly compiled the details of the Recumbent bike workout for Beginners. The workout is highly productive, and you will say welcome to the abs soon.

As it’s easy for you, a recumbent bike workout is also easy; that’s why fitness trainers recommend it for novice people who are new to exercise. The recumbent bike will be all along with you on weight loss, muscle toning, and body fitness journey.

Recumbent Bike Workout for Beginners

Specific tips will help you in the workout at the beginner’s level with a Recumbent bike. If you consider these tips, that will save you time and also let you exercise more effectively. Some of the beginners use a Recumbent bike ineffectively which leads to unproductive exercise. Below mentioned are some tips for the Recumbent bike workout for Beginners.

  • Adjust the seat according to your stature and posture. It rapidly increases the support enhancing the comfort level. Slide and adjust in any direction you want.
  • Stretch out before hopping on a recumbent bike. Do lunges, toe touches, trunk rotation leg swings for stretching out.
  • Warm-up with the help of a steady start for at least five minutes.
  • Maintain the correct form as advised by the professionals to save yourself from any injury.
  • Start with the low resistance level and gradually increase it with time when you have adjusted to the difficulty level.
  • Interval training is another technique that you can employ to make your work out more effective.
  • Set the duration of pedaling according to your fitness goals. For weight loss, it is recommended to pedal for at least 60 minutes daily.

Workout Plan for Beginners

Your workout plan will comprise of a number of steps that you will need to follow strictly to achieve your goals. The step by step guide will make your workout efficient and effective. Let’s have a look at what steps you need to start with for work out with a recumbent bike.

Choose a Good Recumbent Bike

The recumbent bike has been the favorite of beginners fitness enthusiasts because of the comfort it offers and ease of use. Unlike the upright bike, it is convenient and user friendly. You can make exercise fun with a recumbent bike. Just hop on and start exercising while handling daily tasks as well.

It has a comfortable seat that provides support to your back. You will not feel any fatigue or discomfort later in your spine or muscles as with an upright bike. It will draw you to exercise more often and then regularly, and that is how fitness goals are achieved.

It is also highly applauded for the versatility it offers. Anyone can exercise regardless of physical issues. The recumbent bike workout will offer the same capacity and comfort to everyone with motivation to progress every day.

Set up your Bike

Take your time to get acquainted with the bike first. Read the manual and instructions carefully for a better understanding of the bike before starting to adjust the seat as suited for your body. Also, adjust the pedal straps for a firm grip while cycling. Take a look at the control panel to make sure it has the correct readout.

The panel will display the number of calories burnt, time duration, heart rate, and speed. In the next step, adjust the resistance level according to your need. After checking up on everything, it is time for you to warm up the body.


Warming up is an integral part of the exercise. Warming up puts all the muscles in motion, making it easier for the body to adjust to intense exercise. Start by stretching your chest. Spread your legs and hold the towel at the back with your hands. Slightly lift your hands and retain the position for 20 seconds and repeat it five times.

With the help of the shoulder reaches, you can also warm up your shoulder. To mobilize your lower body, you need to do the leg swings. First, grab on to something solid for stability. Swing your right and left leg in a forward and backward motion. Each leg should be swung ten times, at least.

Interval Training

Interval training is one of the most widely known exercise methods. In training, there are defined intervals for an intense workout and then rest. When talking about the rest, we do not mean you will stop pedaling, but it is defined as active rest. It is the workout you will do at a slower speed rather than intense.

Start with resistance set at three and warm up for three minutes. Then increase the setting to 7 and pedal for 7 minutes straight while your heart rate goes up. Then after that, bring the resistance to 2, and that will be a time of your active rest for 2 minutes. Then increase the resistance to 8 and pedal for 8 minutes. It will make you a little sweaty.

Take the second active rest for 3 minutes. Mount the resistance to 7 and pedal for 7 minutes, and it’s time to say goodbye to bulky things. Calm down after 7 minutes, and your 20 minutes of interval training is done!

Cycling and Dumbbells

Add cycling and dumbbells to exercise for upper body and lower body toning. It will lead to strength training. Pick the dumbells of good quality and correct size if you have not purchased them before. They will come useful during your active rest time as you can do various exercises with them.

Some Last Words

No matter what age, a recumbent bike will let you experience exercise differently, even if you are a beginner in the ’50s. So, it will be your exercise buddy for a long time from youth to the elderly. Whether you are looking to lose weight or stay fit, a recumbent bike will give you want you to desire.

Many beginners fail to achieve the necessary benefits from the guide because of misleading information. Always search and read the instruction before starting. Recumbent bike workout for Beginners is extremely simple yet easy to follow.

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