Recumbent Exercise Bike with Arm Exerciser for Seniors

recumbent elliptical with moving arms

My mother was suffering from a frozen shoulder, she got medications but no results. As I am a personal trainer, I decided to get a Recumbent Exercise Bike with Arm Exerciser for her.

At the start, she felt pain in her shoulder while doing arm workout, but later on it settled. She starts from a 5 minutes workout and extends time slowly. Now she has totally recovered from frozen shoulder.

When I researched the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike with Arm Exerciser for Seniors, there were many different units to choose from. However in my opinion Teeter FreeSteps offered more functionality in the elderly than other models.

Working towards a healthy lifestyle can be challenging for the elderly, but it is not impossible.

A recumbent bike for seniors with arm workouts offers an engaging workout for seniors who want to stay active and maintain their physical fitness.

No matter your age, a recumbent bike is an excellent physical therapy machine and injury rehabilitation.

Best Recumbent Bike for Seniors with Arm Workout

Let us help you choose! We’ve picked out some of the most durable and performance-oriented models on today’s market.

The following list includes some high-quality products that will not only meet all requirements but exceed them!

So read on!

  1. Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer – Good for Sciatica
  2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708 – Best for Joints
  3. Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike – Best for Sour Shoulder
  4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4631 – Best For Overweight Olders

1. Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer – Good for Sciatica

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical (LT1)


  • User weight capacity: 300 lb
  • User Height:  4’11”-6’6″ 
  • Item weight: 110 lb

No more visiting the gym! Owning this cross trainer will provide you access to stress-free low impact full body exercise at any time from your home.

According to Mrs. Peter, If you want a great workout and have sciatica, which I do (and it’s really helped me), then this is the perfect piece of equipment for your home!

The Teeter FreeStep recumbent cross trainer is a hybrid device that combines the best traits from different types of exercise machines. It has an elliptical stride with workouts designed especially for conditioning your legs, arms, or glutes. As well as ergonomic reclining seats that allow you to stretch out more than ever before!

The recumbent trainer offers a full-length stride while being seated. The rear mounted flywheel provides stability and control, making it the perfect ride for any user!

Cross trainer makes it easy to change the tension on your workout because an adjustment is right by where you sit. Thus, there is no need for getting up or moving at all!

The seat of this exercise machine can be uncomfortable, but it’s worth making yourself more comfortable with some cushioning or pillows!

The Good
  • Easy to assemble
  • You can do multiple exercises
  • Adjustable seat
  • Fits in little space
  • No sound while using
The Bad
  • Arm bars are hard to adjust
  • Speed does not show up on display

Bottom Line

Space saving recumbent exercise bike with upper body motion provides a full range of movement that can be used by people who want to work out at home or have limited space available for their workouts!

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2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708 – Best for Joints

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike, 350lb High Weight Capacity, Cross Training, Arm Exercisers, Monitor, Pulse Rate Monitoring | SF-RB4708


  • User weight capacity: 350 lb
  • User Height:  4’11”-6’6″ 
  • Item weight: 94.8 lb
  • Resistance Levels: 8 levels


Sunny Health Fitness offers a great new recumbent bike that’s perfect for seniors. The combination of a recumbent bike and elliptical arm exerciser is an excellent workout for them. The user can choose from different levels to target specific muscles.

The seat allows you to pedal without putting pressure on your knees and hips, so you can workout without worrying about hurting yourself! 

The recumbent bicycle is an excellent way to get your legs stronger with each pedal! You’ll feel great while also getting more active.

The exercise bike with moving arms has been proven time after time because it allows users different levels or experiences, from newbies who are just getting started with cycling – even pregnant women love this machine!

The recumbent bike with armrests comes with an adjustable resistance unit, a digital monitor that can track your progress throughout the session as well as pulse sensors so you know when it’s time to recover or push yourself harder! 

The thing I don’t like in this unit is the right pedal screws are clockwise while the left ones are counterclockwise. This can be confusing for beginners or people who have never seen this type of exercise machine before!

The Good
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Robust design
  • Non-slip pedals
The Bad
  • Arm handles are not adjustable

Bottom Line

This is the best recumbent exercise bike with arm exerciser for seniors. It has everything you need and more at an affordable price, making it difficult to beat in its class!

3. Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike – Best for Sour Shoulder

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike, Metallic grey


  • User weight capacity: 250 lb
  • Item weight: 117 lb
  • Resistance levels: 8 levels

My friend bought this recumbent exercise bike with moving arms for his 80-year-old father, who has been having trouble with sore shoulders due to the intense workout sessions he performs daily on traditional bikes. 

He had no idea that it would be such a life-changing gift. The seat allows him to pedal with less effort and lends itself more towards comfort than a traditional upright bike. They have found that its arm workout benefits last much longer than they expected!

It is comfortable and provides an effective total body workout on those rainy or cold days when you’re not feeling up for going outside!

If you’re suffering from joint pain, the Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike might be just what your muscles need. Offering 8 levels of resistance and a wide range to work with–from beginner all the way up through advanced exercises targeting every major muscle group in bodies!

The Stamina Elite recumbent bikes with arms offer a new level of bike comfort for seniors. Unlike most other bikes on the market, recumbent exercise bikes with upper body motion have hand grips and foot pedals that move independently from each other so you can ride with more ease!

The Good
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Offers total body exercise
  • Multi-function display
  • Adjustable pedals straps
The Bad
  • Backrest angle is not adjustable

Bottom Line

Seniors can get a good workout at home on this exercise bike with moving handlebars without spending money on gym memberships.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4631 – Best For Overweight Olders with Arthritis

Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent Bike SF-RB4631 with Arm Exerciser, 350lb,Gray


  • User weight capacity: 350 lb
  • Item weight: 91.1 lb
  • Resistance levels: 8 levels

SF-RB4631 Is another sunny recumbent bike with arm exerciser. The recumbent bike offers a comfortable and easy way for seniors or anyone with limited ranges of motion to get some upper body workout. 

The magnetic recumbent bike is specially designed to be easy and comfortable for seniors with hip or back problems. It’s also quiet, stable on even surfaces such as carpeting.

This bike is great for those looking to work their arm muscles. The tension knob feels very sturdy and it’s easy to use, making this the perfect workout equipment choice!

Getting older slows you down and makes you gain weight. The arm exercise bicycle allows you to exercise your arms, legs as well as core muscles at the same time. It can hold up to 350 pounds without any problem so it’s perfect for older people who may be struggling with their balance or just want an extra workout!

Not only does the Sunny Health Fitness machine have an adjustable seat, but it also includes back cushions so users can find their perfect fit. You’ll enjoy using the large capacity flywheel for resistance that provides momentum when pedaling – no matter what your fitness level or age may be.

The Good
  • Large padded seat
  • Easy seat adjustment
  • Adjustable inseam height
  • Independent arm and leg exercisers
The Bad
  • Arm exerciser is a little noisy

Bottom Line

This SF-RB4631 recumbent bike with arm action is the perfect solution for people who are looking to get into exercise but have difficulty moving around due to their arthritis.

The low seat height and wide handlebars make it easy enough that even those without much muscle strength can use this comfortably as well!

Some Last Words

It is far more convenient for seniors to exercise at home rather than go to a gym. A recumbent bike with arms is an excellent choice for those looking to do arm workouts at home. 

These bikes with armrests allow you more than just cardiovascular benefits, as they also provide resistance and can be used in strength training exercises.

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