Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Selection for Everyone

Top Recumbent Exercise Bikes

You cannot consider your home gym complete if it lacks the best recumbent exercise bike for low-impact cardio exercise.

Indoor bikes are in trend now, and it supports users to sit in a comfortable reclined position to carry out the training for a more extended period.

In this article – we shared a list of the best recumbent bikes. Choose the one that best suits your fitness needs.

In a hurry? Here are our top three picks for recumbent exercise bikes!

Schwinn Fitness 270 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn Fitness 270 Recumbent Bike

Editor Choice

3G Cardio Elite RB Exercise Bike

3G Cardio Elite RB Exercise Bike

Best Overall

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-709

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-709

Best Budget

I’m a personal trainer and run a gym that houses the most modern equipment. My research on the best recumbent exercise bikes has helped me find the best ones that allow you to achieve your goals.

To maintain your health, the World Health Organization recommends a regular good workout and moderate physical activity for 20 minutes a day.

While more and more fitness enthusiasts are switching to recumbent bikes for indoor exercise. Many companies have jumped into the market and launched several products in different shapes, designs, features, and weight capacities within a wide budget range serving the premium recumbent bikes market, high quality recumbent bike demand and affordable great recumbent bike needs as well.

In my opinion, the Schwinn 270 is the best recumbent bike for fitness buffs.

14 Best Recumbent Bike to Upgrade your Fitness

Either you are a beginner who wants to switch the lazy life into an active, healthy lifestyle or an elder with a bad knee problem. As you read my recumbent bike reviews, you will have an opportunity to select from the various models and designs available.

  1. Schwinn 270: Editor’s Pick
  2. NordicTrack NTEX76016: Best for Knees Rehab
  3. Marcy Recumbent Bike: Best Stationary Exercise Bike
  4. Nautilus R614: Best For Seniors
  5. SF-RB4708: Recumbent Bike with Arms
  6. Vanswe: Exercise Bike for Home Use
  7. 3G Cardio Elite RB: Heavy Duty Recumbent bike
  8. Exerpeutic 5000: Best for Heavy People
  9. Sole Fitness LCR Light: Best for Commercial Use
  10. JEEKEE Recumbent Bike: Good to Recover from Bad Knees
  11. Mobo Triton 3-Wheel Bike: Best Recumbent Road Bike
  12. Exerpeutic 900XL: Best Budget Bike
  13. Stamina Elite: Best for Total Body Workout
  14. ProGear 555LXT: Best for Beginners

1. Schwinn 270: Best Recumbent Bike

The Schwinn 270 builds on the design of their previous model, the 230. The new unit definitely has some upgrades. 270 flywheel is heavier than the other models, which makes it feel like you’re riding on air!

Schwinn 270 – Top Recumbent Bike

The 9 different resistance levels allow you to tailor your workout for the beginner or advanced users. As well as those with injuries like arthritis because of the large pedals on this machine (47 cm compared to most bikes at 40).

We found, in the upgraded model three-piece crank system allows users of any height greater comfortability by allowing them an infinite amount of cranks’ heights. They can choose from and ensures the pedal orientation remains level throughout use over time.

It works for everyone, whether you are a fitness guru or a beginner. Schwinn’s recumbent bike has everything that someone needs on its exercise bike.

Things We Loved

Let’s take a look at its features:

The Schwinn 270 lets you push your limits with its 88-pound solid frame that can hold up to 300 pounds. There’s a central support pole underneath the seat for stability and comfort while riding, too!

This recumbent bike on the computer console is more advanced than 230 with 29 workout programs. This one offers two more user profiles than competing bikes so family members like mom/dad/kids can all use the same machine without having to switch settings each time.

This exercise bike recumbent’s heart rate monitor ensures you don’t push yourself too hard as it displays your “real-time pulse” to see if you’re at the right level of intensity. If necessary, adjust the workout by keeping an eye on this useful feature.

The reclining exercise bike has a chair-like seat that offers lumbar support and cushioning like no other. The design allows the air to flow through the back. So no matter how hard you work out, it will never feel uncomfortable or hot! Moreover, it makes for an incredibly enjoyable workout session!

The Good
  • Built-in Music system
  • 29 programmable workouts
  • Excellent build quality
  • USB Charging port
The Bad
  • Not suitable for people over 6 feet
  • Flywheel only weighs 17 pounds

Bottom Line

If you want a quick, effective workout to burn off all of your excess fat without having to leave the house. I’ll suggest you get The Schwinn 270, as this is the best recumbent bike for all people. It is equipped with multiple features that will help get them back in shape quickly and safely.

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2. NordicTrack NTEX76016: Best for Knees Rehab

The NordicTrack NTEX76016 Commercial VR21 exercise bike is the most affordably priced model in NordicTrack’s recumbent bike series. It has 25 resistance levels and a gel-infused seat that helps reduce fatigue during your workouts.


It is an excellent choice if you have bad knees or other joint problems.

Vr21 recumbent bicycle offers an array of features that are sure to please anyone looking for their next cardio solution at home.

Having 32 programs this workout equipment will give you plenty of options to challenge yourself as well as stay entertained while your heart rate climbs with each training session. Also included standard hand pulse sensors means there’s no need to purchase additional accessories like chest straps.

Things We Loved

Let’s take a look into the important features of this product:

Hop on the NordicTrack and start to pedal! This bike comes with 32 pre-installed workout apps. Perfect for beginners or experts since its computerized system will make sure every workout targets all of your major muscle groups.

I love VR21! It allows 25 levels of resistance which allows users to build up their strength gradually over time no matter what fitness level they begin at in order to get maximum benefits out of each day’s workout routine. I would say it’s suitable for both amateurs as well as experts looking to get serious about their training workouts.

The recumbent exercise bicycle has rubber pads underneath to stabilize the bike maximally. It even comes with adjustable stabilizers on the back stand that can be adjusted according to your flooring type, so no matter what kind of surface it’s set up.

The recumbent cycle is extremely comfortable with a built-in fan to regulate airflow. The seat offers next-level comfort and back support, especially for older people; that’s why adults prefer this type of recumbent bike for exercise.

The centrally located LCD display on this exercise machine shows you everything from distances covered to your current heart rate so you can always know where exactly how hard each session makes you work!

I just cannot imagine a situation where listening to music while working out would not be enjoyable. There is simply nothing better than the feeling of your favorite song blasting through two speakers as you do exercise.

Now with this new pairing, enjoy high-quality sound from dual 2-inch speakers during any workout session!

The bike has wheels attached below, so it’s easy enough to transport and shift from room-to-room. No need for any extra help when moving this heavy piece of equipment in your home gym.

The Good
  • Solid frame for 350-pound weight capacity
  • iFit training console
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • Balanced and Stable Flywheel
  • 10-year frame warranty
The Bad
  • No preset programs
  • No heart rate chest strap
  • Pedals are not robust

Bottom Line

This equipment is a great choice for ANYONE who has knee pain or joint problem. It can handle up to 350 pounds, so you won’t have any problem with weight distribution in your workouts.

3. Marcy Recumbent Bike: Best Stationary Exercise Bike

Marcy has designed a unique step-thru recumbent bike to provide a comfortable exercising experience. The 14-gauge steel tubing used in manufacturing makes the bike frame strong and sturdy.

Marcy ME-709 - Best Commercial Recumbent Stationary Bike

The ME-709 exercise bike is the best stationary recumbent bike with multiple features such as a comfortable seat, LCD, and many more.

This bike has great features at an incredible price. The price is low and the comfort is great. As compared to another exercise bike, this model offers you high weight capacity.

Things We Loved

Let’s have a deep look at our Marcy ME 709 recumbent bike review.

Few recumbent bicycles may have limitations for tall and small height people whereas the Marcy ME-709 is perfect for people with different heights due to the adjustable back padded ergonomic seat. The seat is strong and stable and can hold a weight of up to 300 lbs.

Due to the weight, it becomes difficult to move the exercise bike but this one has front wheels that allow the user to move the bike from one place to another with complete ease. The wheels are strong and can easily hold the weight of the bike for easy portability.

The Marcy recumbent bike offers an adjustable resistance for the best cardio workout. The bike has a knob on the side that you can use to change the resistance levels between the eight levels offered by the company.

The exercise bike recumbant offers two side handles for maximum stability for the user. You can use the handles to balance yourself while you proceed with your workout. Another safety feature is the safety straps added to the pedals to stabilize your feet not to slip off while exercising.

The LCD console on Marcy recumbent bike doesn’t offer any fancy features but displays all the essential details related to your workout. You can see the calories burned, the distance traveled, speed, other significant details along with the simple control buttons.

The Good
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Compact and strong frame
  • Two years warranty included
  • Highly affordable
  • Side handles for firm grip
The Bad
  • Doesn’t have a heart rate monitor
  • Batteries are not included inside the package
  • No App connectivity

Bottom Line

The Marcy ME-709 is one of the best recumbent bikes with highly comfortable and stable seating, perfect for short and tall people. Under $200, the company offers all the features that a beginner looks for in a recumbent exercise bicycle to tone up their body without spending a fortune on it.

A New Model by the Brand: Marcy Pro Dual Action Recumbent Exercise

4. Nautilus R616 R618 Recumbent Bike Series : Best For Seniors

The next one on our list is Nautilus R616 R618 recumbent bike which can be categorized as the best recumbent bike for seniors due to the comfortable seat, and smooth pedal motion. I bought this bike for my mother a while ago and she has never faced a major issue till now.

Nautilus R614 – Best Recumbent Bike for Short Legs

The aesthetic-looking recumbent bike has various impressive features for a relaxing and enjoyable exercise experience that will force you to come back and tone up your body regularly.

Nautilus R616 R618 Recumbent Bike provides optimum comfort as well as low body workout, cardiovascular exercise, and blood flow. 

It has the design of a chair with pedals in front of the seat. Moreover, the frame structure becomes taller when the console is moved away from the frame structure.

Things We Loved

Below are some features you’ll love with this recumbent bike:

There are 20 different resistance levels that you can toggle between with ease to increase or decrease the difficulty of your workout. Also, it comprises 22 workout programs already downloaded for the user to follow and enjoy doing low-impact cardio at home.

The bike has two side handlebars that the user can hold unto while working out; this increases stability and safety. Another interesting feature that the company has installed in the handlebars is the heart rate sensor that continuously monitors and displays the console’s heart rate.

This recumbent bike has a strong frame to hold a weight of up to 300 pounds but this much weight should not be placed on the sidebars. There are wheels underneath the exercise bike to make it easier for the user to move the bike to and from various locations.

The most impressive feature that I saw in this bike was the display screen with multiple features such as a USB port to connect any device, Bluetooth functionality to download the workout data and play a song to lighten up the mood.

It also comprises heart rate workouts and test programs that you can select with on-screen buttons.

The Good
  • Wide resistance range
  • Smooth and easy pedal motion
  • The seat has a lumbar support
  • Tension adjustment feature
  • Adjustable seat with rail
The Bad
  • No padded seat
  • Heavy frame equipment

Bottom Line

The Nautilus R616 R618 Recumbent Bike Series is loaded with attractive features while providing one of the best cardio workouts. The bike costs more than other models but is worth every penny. You can look at it closer if you are looking for a versatile exercise bike to boost up your exercise routine and get in better shape.

5. SF-RB4708: Recumbent Bike with Arms​

Those who want to get in shape at home will appreciate this recumbent bike. The compact body and the multipurpose nature of the bike make it an excellent choice. You should consider buying this bike if you are serious about your health.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708 – Indoor Recumbent Bike​

Sunny health and fitness have been providing its users with the best fitness equipment. The recumbent bike with upper body workout is specifically designed for home usage but can also be used for commercial purposes.

It is equipped with the latest belt drive and magnetic resistance technology. The construction is fairly stable and offers a step through experience to the users to burn more calories with the recumbent bike with arm exercise.

Things We Loved

Find out what makes this bike the best fitness machine.

The flywheels play a major role in the structural integrity and stability of the exercise bike. Usually, the cheap recumbent bikes have a lightweight flywheel but that’s not the case with this one.

As it contains 30 to 40 pounds flywheels to provide a stable base and allow heavy people to easily workout on this best recumbent bike with moving arms.

Most exercise cycles make a lot of noise while the user is pedaling, but one of the attractive features of this unit is the noiseless operation. Whether you are pedaling at a low speed or at a very high speed, it does not produce any sound.

The sunny health and fitness usually offer an adjustable saddle and handlebars to allow the users a comfortable workout. The user can easily adjust the seat and the side handles according to their height and posture.

This exercise bike is manufactured from pure steel, making it one of the strongest recumbent bikes on our list. The advantage of the steel is that it can hold a weight of up to 350 pounds so even a healthy person can easily use this bike to burn some extra calories.

The main issue with such an exercise bike is its portability. But you won’t be facing any kind of portability issue with this bike. It comprises transport wheels attached below the frame so you can easily move the bike from one place to another.

The Good
  • Includes a basic LCD panel
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Can pedal backward and forwards
  • Affordable price
The Bad
  • No pre-set programs included
  • Not suitable for high-level workouts
  • Not recommended for therapeutic use

Bottom Line

The best recumbent exercise bike with moving arms is designed to provide a light cardio workout that is suitable for beginners as well as elders. It provides a low-impact workout for users of every age and an adjustable seat feature can accommodate people of different heights and weights to start working out for a better body shape.

6. Vanswe: Best Home Recumbent Bike

The Vanswe has been in this industry for some time now and has launched some amazing products, including their latest Magnetic recumbent exercise bike with ergonomic design and upgraded features.

Vanswe Recumbent Bike - Best Affordable Recumbent Bike

The bike uses needle roller bearing instead of the old ones to provide a quiet environment for the user while exercising.

There are a lot of worthwhile features that we’ll discuss in our Vanswe recumbent exercise bike reviews.

Things We Loved

Unlike other recumbent bikes, this one uses an advanced magnetic resistance system that you can feasibly control from a knob placed ergonomically between the seat and the handlebars. The riders can easily reach it and toggle between different resistance levels according to their requirements.

The pedals on the side of the bike are placed at a distance to provide a comfortable pedaling experience. The user can adjust the seat if their feet are way too close or far away from the pedals.

These have a slip-resistant surface that ensures that your feet don’t slip while moving the pedals. Also, they have easy to wear and remove straps for the pedals.

There has never been a single complaint about the frame of this exercise bike. It is made of strong material that can withstand a load of over 350 pounds which makes it the best recumbent exercise bike for obese.

The company also provides a three-year warranty for the frame, which shows the durability and reliability of the frame.

Vanswe has added a pulse monitor on the side handlebars you need to grab onto while exercising to maximize the result. Your pulse will continuously be displayed on the screen and you can determine whether you need to continue or stop according to the pulse rate.

The Good
  • Comfortable seat and backrest
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Has a noiseless operation
The Bad
  • Shows single stats at a time on the LCD
  • Not suitable for people above 6’3”

Bottom Line

The Vanswe exercise bikes recumbant only has two products in its inventory that get upgraded with every passing year. This one has a complete set of workout programs and an advanced magnetic resistance system to provide the best exercise experience. You can buy this one for home use to follow your fitness routine in an indoor environment.

7. 3G Cardio Elite RB: Heavy Duty Recumbent bike

The 3G Cardio Elite has a compact and unique style that provides an effective cardio workout. As claimed by the company, it is the most comfortable and heavy duty recumbent exercise bike that you’ll ever come across.

3G Cardio Elite RB – Heavy Duty Recumbent bike

For people who like to work out in silent surroundings, this exercise bike with the advanced belt drive system will not make a single voice and you can easily enjoy your daily workout.

It is an exercise bike with a heavy-duty recumbent design. The recumbent bike is a top-quality health club model for home residential use.

Things We Loved

You might have seen adjustable seats but this company has taken this feature to another level by providing an adjustable backrest as well. You can set the angle of the seat and the backrest according to your height and enjoy comfortable cardio for longer hours.

There are 12 different workout programs that you can choose from to have the best results, you can also add more workouts if you want to. Moreover, there are 16 levels of resistance that you can easily switch between to get the best riding experience.

The handle grips are added on the heavy duty recumbent exercise bike to increase the stability and safety of the user but there is a surprise for you here. You can now control all the functions of the bike ranging from speed, resistance, programs, etc., from the controls given on the handlebars.

The LCD console has a well-lit LED back and has all the functions that a rider needs for a perfect exercise plan. The display shows the complete activity of the users, the calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate, time, and many more.

The controls and a large soft knob are placed on the console for settings and selection.

The Good
  • Suitale as a commercial recumbent bike
  • Strong and compact frame
  • Weight capacity of up to 350 lbs
  • Chest strap heart rate monitor
  • Weighted pedals with straps
The Bad
  • Expensive
  • Lacks a compatible fitness app yet
  • No cooling fan or sound system

Bottom Line

The 3G Cardio Elite has 9 different user profiles, making it one of the best commercial recumbent bikes. The data is stored individually for all the users, so if you are looking for a bike to place in your gym; you should indeed buy this one. It will take much less space and will deliver much more efficiency.

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8. Exerpeutic 5000: Best for Heavy People

The no.8 on our list is the Exerpeutic 5000 recumbent bike which provides an intense and easy workout for the users.


The bike frame is made from solid steel, which can hold up to 325 pounds. A perfect recumbent exercise bike for heavy weight.

The seat and backrest are ergonomically provided and have a large-sized airsoft seat to offer a comfortable workout session.

The bike also includes an LCD monitor that gathers the workout metrics and displays them on the screen.

Things We Loved

Like any other advanced recumbent bike this model also has a magnetic resistance system. This bike offers 24 resistance levels to its user. You can set these according to your workout difficulty and achieve your fitness goals.

To make the reclining exercise bike more comfortable and ergonomic for the rider the airsoft seat is designed to be large and oversized. The pressure chamber system provides a premium level of relaxation for a longer workout session.

The clear and visible backlit LCD displays all the essential statistical data; time, distance covered, calories burned, speed, and pulse rate. The 24 pre-set workout programs along with the heart rate recovery test can be operated from the display with the help of control buttons.

The pedals on the side of the recumbent bikes are robust and durable so the user can apply more pressure, thus burning more calories. The straps are also attached to the pedals to make it slip-resistant, and the user can have a comfortable cardio workout.

The Good
  • Strong steel construction
  • Bluetooth MyCloudFitness App
  • Lever based seat adjustment
  • Open step-in design
  • Unique designed handlebars
The Bad
  • Hard pedals complain by users
  • Customer service is not good

Bottom Line

Overall, the Exerpeutic recumbent bike 5000 has impressed us with its unique features. It comprises an adjustable seat, multiple tension levels and provides a noiseless experience to the user. Keeping these and the other features in mind, it is one of the best recumbent bikes under $500.

9. Sole Fitness LCR Light: Best for Commercial Use

We have enlisted the best commercial recumbent exercise bike with a low-profile step-thru design and minimum maintenance requirement.

Sole Fitness R92 Exercise Bike

The Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Bike has a comfortable seat and a built-in fan at the console to provide maximum comfort and cooling effect while exercising.

The solid and fascinating bike offers all the functionalities expected in the best high end recumbent exercise bike.

The multiple resistance levels, preset programs, and other features that we will discuss next make this bike one of the best recumbent bikes.

Things We Loved

The bike comprises a comfortable recumbent seat that can be adjusted according to your height. The lever is placed on the side for seat movement, and the addition of a cushion on the seat is soft and comfy.

Unlike cheap exercise bikes, this recumbent bike has different workout programs for multiple users. Riders can choose from 6 standard workout programs, 2 custom programs, and 2 heart rate programs for an incredible workout experience. The 40 levels of resistance with slight changes in difficulty can improve and challenge your body strength.

The display console shows real-time heart rate with the help of both pulse grip monitor and chest strap. The LCD has a streamlined design that shows the calories, preset workouts, distance, and many other essential workout details. You can also enjoy the MP3-compatible sound system during the exercise.

The brand has manufactured the bike’s frame from high-quality material that can hold up to 350 pounds of weight with ease. The bike comes with dual-sided ergonomic pedals that ensure comfort and durability while the straps don’t let your feet slip out during exercising.

This bike has both side handlebars pulse grip heart rate monitor and chest strap to monitor your heart rate while you ride on a bike.

You can either place your hand on the sidebars or wear the strap for constant information of pulse on the console.

The Good
  • Commercial quality
  • Console with soft-touch control buttons
  • Water bottle holder
  • Easy maintenance
  • Excellent customer service
The Bad
  • Quite expensive
  • Large size machine

Bottom Line

The Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Bike has a strong and ergonomic design that offers a deal of comfort and an excellent workout for everyone. No doubt, the bike has numerous premium functions and durability at a high budget but the machine is worth every bit of its price.

10. JEEKEE Recumbent Bike: Good to Recover from Bad Knees

The JEEKE recumbent exercise bike is placed last on 10th in the list, but it should be considered the first option for older people.

JEEKEE Recumbent Bike

If someone is recovering from a knee injury, this bike will prove to be the best companion for fast healing and recovery.

The machine is specially designed to exert minimal pressure on joints; thus, this outstanding piece of gym equipment is classified as the best recumbent bike for bad knees.

Now people with bad knees won’t have to limit themselves from a regular relaxing workout.

Things We Loved

Most of the recumbent bikes use a single belt motor which produces a loud sound when the pedals are moved but this model uses a dual belt system to reduces the sound level to 20 decibels. Since this sound is almost negligible the bike can be easily used in an indoor environment.

The Jeekee recumbent exercise bike offers multiple resistance levels for its rider. Either you are a beginner or an expert you can set the resistance level according to your workout routine. The resistance levels are best for adults and it provides a super low impact workout especially for the knees.

The LCD console gathers all the important metrics of the individual’s workout and displays it on the screen. The different metrics shown on the LCD console are time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and the workout programs in use. The console also has an alarm that goes off when you complete your set goals.

The seat on the exercise bike can be adjusted in 9 different positions to accommodate people of various heights. The seat is thick-cushioned for comfortable seating, and sidebars with heart rate sensors are extremely useful to monitor pulse rate to push yourself accordingly.

The Good
  • Low frame mounting and dismounting
  • Highly portable
  • Tablet and bottle holder included
The Bad
  • Lacks a sound system
  • No pre-set programs included

Bottom Line

The JEEKEE offers a strong and sturdy recumbent bike to its users. The users who are looking for a long-lasting exercise bike can go for this particular model. The brand claims and users have recommended it as the best workout equipment for older people with knee problems or individuals who are recovering from any knee injury.

11. Mobo Triton 3-Wheel Bike: Best Recumbent Road Bike

The three-wheel recumbent bike is an ultimate choice for adults who want want to elevate the outdoor riding experience.

The innovative design bike with the rear-wheel steering system offers comfort and fun outside.

The recumbent road bike with the ergonomic seat and cushioned back support encourages you to ride and exercise longer as compared to traditional bikes.

Mobo Triton 3-Wheel Bike – Best Recumbent Road Bike

Furthermore, anyone with a back issue can also enjoy the outdoor fun without risking physical health.

This is the best outdoor recumbent bike for seniors and anyone who might have balance issues, such as someone with special needs.

Things We Loved

Read about the technical features of Mobo Triton 3-Wheel Recumbent Cycles.

The ergonomic cushioned seat with the back support can for sure provide you the best riding experience. The angle of seat and chain-less chassis let you burn more calories and remain fit while enjoying the outdoors.

Those who want to experience a unique rear-wheel steering system can opt for this model and simultaneously increase arm and leg muscle strength. Needless to say, this hobby or exercise can work for both the upper and lower body muscles.

Unlike the indoor recumbent bike that has only seat adjustment options, the Triton Pro comes with an extendable frame with 10 slots in 10.5″ length. So users of different heights (4′ – 6’3″ Tall) can set it as per their requirement. The steel frame is quite easy to adjust without the help of any other person.

The three-wheel recumbent bike model is easy to ride Low center of gravity on this design provides stability. Whereas the Dual-joystick steering offers smooth maneuverability with simple hand movements.

The Good
  • Steel construction
  • No Balance Required
  • Weight capacity of up to 250 lbs
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • No special maintenance required
The Bad
  • Turning radius too large
  • Only for flat grounds

Bottom Line

The Mobo Triton Pro is an amazing design road bike beneficial for people suffering from back or neck problems. The easy to adapt and control bike has ample padding and comfort for its user which makes it the best option for a more stable outdoor recumbent cycle.

12. Exerpeutic 900XL: Best Budget Bike

You can give your workout a boost using a budget-friendly recumbent bike. Therefore, you should purchase Exerpeutic 900XL.

Exerpeutic 900XL – Best Budget Recumbent 

Another interesting feature is that this bike is equipped with heart rate sensors on side-mounted handlebars. That’s definitely not something you see very often in this price range.

This Exerpeutic Recumbent Bike can carry up to 300 pounds, making it a relatively sturdy bike.

The frame of the bike should keep you secure since it doesn’t move around when you’re using it.

Things We Loved

You can connect your recumbent bike to the MyCloudFitness app which is available on Android and iOS. Using the app, you can try 3 types of preset workouts and keep track of your time, speed, distance, and calories burned.

You can easily control the resistance on the Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike by turning a knob and choosing the level you want. Experiment with the 8 resistance levels to increase the intensity of your workout.

A spacious, well-padded seat is installed on this bike, making it comfortable for its users. It is possible to have an intense hour-long session without any fatigue or discomfort.

There is a mobile holder that will allow you to view your app and track your progress. This phone holder also helps you listen to your favorite songs without your phone falling.

A large LCD screen depicts a variety of information such as calories burned, distance traveled, and speed.

The Good
  • Affordable
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Easy transportation
The Bad
  • Seat can be a bit uncomfortable
  • The resistance level is scarce

Bottom Line

This Exerpeutic 900XL should be perfect for those looking for a simple, sturdy and low-priced recumbent bike. Although cheap, it is not necessarily inferior in quality. It has very high standards while still being very effective.

13. Stamina Elite: Best for Total Body Workout

Your ride on the Stamina Elite total body recumbent exercise bike will be more efficient and more effective. A fully-featured piece of exercise equipment, the Exercise unit works to keep your entire body in shape.

Stamina Elite – Best Recumbent Bike for Home Use

This bike is best suited for those who wish to have a properly toned body while staying at home.

You get a fantastic upper-body workout on the Stamina Elite by turning the handlebars. This gets your arms, shoulders, back, and abs working while you pedal.

These recumbent bikes are a great choice for seniors who wish to remain active while home. This exercise bike is so easy to use, fun, and has a ton of cool features.

Things We Loved

This machine has 8 different tension levels that you can try. There will be so many resistance levels available that will determine your stamina levels and will help you figure out your ideal training plan in the future.

The comfortable seats play a great role in providing you with unmatchable comfort. Long workouts are thus achievable with sheer relaxation and comfort.

The paddling paddles include an adjustable safety strap. That being said, the safety strap provides added protection during extreme workouts to prevent injuries.

Stamina recumbent bike has movable handles and can be used to gain better strength in the legs as well as the arms.

An LCD screen displays your workout time, length, distance, pulse, and calorie targets. During workouts, you are able to continuously monitor any of the metrics previously mentioned.

The Good
  • Takes less space
  • Multipurpose
  • LCD display
  • Resistance levels
  • Best for home
The Bad
  • Average user manual
  • No preset programs

Bottom Line

Since the handlebars with the Stamina Elite Total Body rotate, this recumbent exercise bike offers quite some diversity when it comes to possible workouts. You’ll find excellent ergonomics, as well as a fitness meter with goal setting options to help you track your progress.

14. ProGear 555LXT: Best for Beginners

Although ProGear 555LXT is one of the more expensive entry-level models, the features it has and the quality of its build definitely reflect the high price. I believe this is a good option for all fitness levels, it is reliable, and it has a strong build too.

ProGear 555LXT – Small Recumbent Bike

ProGear 555LXT is the ideal recumbent bike for beginners. This allows you to set your exercise goals to reach the exertion you want.

I find it to be one of the best fitness recumbent bikes in various ways. The ProGear 555LXT recumbent bike features a durable steel frame that supports users up to 250 pounds (113.3 kg).

The frame and seat are actually very sturdy, and even users up to 250 lbs would not have any trouble using Progear 555LXT – magnetic recumbent exercise bike.

Things We Loved

There are some of the features you get with the ProGear Recumbent Bike.

To offer you versatility in workouts, ProGear 555XLT is an exercise bike with preset programs. You can check your stamina, girth, and agility by trying out the workout programs offered by this recumbent bike.

The bike has 14 levels of tension resistance so that you can do a variety of calorie-burning sessions.

You can achieve your fitness goal efficiently while riding the bike thanks to the 3 preset programs.

On the LCD display, you can see speed, distance, calories burned, and the number of rotations per minute.

It has a step-through design that allows you to easily get on and off the machine.

Last but not least, this recumbent bike offers a weight capacity of almost 250 lbs. It’s more than enough to accommodate a young adult person. Therefore, you can easily enjoy different workout programs without any fear.

The Good
  • 3 goal workout setting
  • 14 tension resistance levels
  • Comfortable seat
  • Transportation wheels
  • Water bottle holder
The Bad
  • Fairly basic console
  • Less preset programs
  • Seat not stay in place

Bottom Line

The bike is an excellent choice for light to medium cardio workouts, muscle toning, and stamina building. It can also help you lose weight; depending on the speed at which you pedal and the resistance settings used, you can burn up to 500 calories per hour.

Recumbent Bike Buying Guide

You need to keep several things in mind while looking for a recumbent exercise bike. The first thing to take care of is your body, then your safety. Observe these features when buying the best recumbent bike:

Adjustable Seat

First things first, before you choose the best recumbent bike, make sure that it comes with an adjustable seat. Now, what is its advantage? An adjustable seat could be moved as per your will and wish.

Therefore, it’s rather easier for you to keep doing the workout while remaining in your comfort zone. An adjustable seat, in short, enhances the way you do exercise on a recumbent bike. For this reason, don’t overlook this feature if you want a comfortable workout experience.

An additional side note on the topic of seats, some buyers find that a padded seat or oversized seat option is important in choosing a comfortable recumbent bike that works for them.

LCD Display

An LCD display, on one hand, enhances the way you are performing different workout programs and, on the other hand, it keeps your focus on attaining your goals.

It’s thus necessary to have an intuitive LCD screen fitted on your recumbent bike so that you can monitor your workouts with ease and convenience.

Safe and Ergonomic Pedals

You need to pay attention to the way the pedals are designed when choosing a recumbent bike. They must be located in an ergonomic position so that you can get your desired fitness results.

Not only that but make sure that a safety strap is included within the pedals to keep you away from slipping issues and injuries.

Preset Programs

Last but not the least, having the availability of different preset programs in a recumbent bike improves its versatility. In addition to that, preset programs are designed to bring the best version out of you.

They work like a virtual fitness trainer and will keep you agile and strong with proper focus and attention. Do consider this feature the next time you want to purchase a recumbent bike.

The availability of these features makes it more convenient to use the bike.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Keep in mind there are maximum weight capacities that vary in our favorite recumbent bikes we are featuring. It’s good to know ahead of time whether the new recumbent bike you are looking to purchase will support your body weight. Heavier riders will require a heavy duty frame, a sturdy frame and sometimes a lifetime frame warranty is an option as well on their upright exercise bike.

Some Last Words

Recumbent bikes are a modern exercise machine that allows you to get a great workout while sitting in a very comfortable position.

Unlike regular exercise machines, recumbent bikes really pay attention to making you as comfortable as possible when exercising. People with limited mobility or back pain can benefit greatly from these bikes, but they are also good for athletes in top form.

Although each recumbent exercise bike is different, the Schwinn 270 is an excellent choice for everyone because of its versatility. Incredibly effective workouts without damaging the back, knees, or other joints have become the basis for this recumbent bike.


Q1: How long can I work out on a recumbent exercise bike?

The answer varies differently for each user, recumbent exercise bikes are only effective if it is challenging your body gradually. It would be best if you aim for a minimum of 30 minutes ride in a session, but as long as you feel comfortable pedaling for long hours is recommended.

Q2: Are Recumbent exercise bikes substitute for walking?

These bikes are indoor workout equipment; the idea of having a recumbent bike is to avoid the long outdoor walks for any age person. The exercise bikes can help you engage the lower body muscles and a solid cardio workout without pressuring the knees.

Q3: Which recumbent bike is the best exercise bike?

Well, the uniquely-shaped recumbent exercise bikes are available in various options for users with different tastes. One single bike cannot surpass all the other best bikes, it is totally a personal choice, and you can have the perfect bike for you as per your requirements.

Q4: Why are recumbent bikes not so common?

Over time, recumbent bikes are very popular among fitness freaks and people recovering from injuries; you can even find these latest models in gyms, doctors’ rooms, and home gyms as well. They are easy to use and have much more advantages over traditional bikes.

Q5: Are recumbent bikes good for muscle building?

With the sitting posture and workout programs, the riders can target the specific body area and work on muscle building. Thus, the muscles can be developed with a strict workout routine and pedaling resistance.

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