Best Recumbent Bikes Under 500

Fitness is an important aspect of life. Out of the many options available, buying the most advanced and budget-friendly exercise bike needs research and insight.

Therefore, today I will be assisting you in making the tough decision of buying a cost-friendly bike, by reviewing a list of top recumbent exercise bikes available under 500 USD.

A recumbent bike that is top-notch has several distinctive features. It has a comfortable ergonomic seat that does not cause any kind of back pains. It has flexible resistance levels so that you can track your endurance development. It has a responsive LCD screen that displays your performance by every passing second.

Below is a list of top 7 best recumbent exercise bikes under 500!

Top 7 Best Recumbent Bikes Under 500 USD

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Vanswe Recumbent Bike 16 levels of Flexible Magnetic Resistance
Double Belt
Designated LCD
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708Pulse Sensor
8 Magnetic Resistance levels
Unique Adaptive Design
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4631 8-levels of Magnetic Resistance
Pulse Sensor
Built-in Transportation Wheels
MaxKareContemporary Design
8-levels of Magnetic Resistance Levels
Exerpeutic 2500 14 Levels of Extreme Resistance
Fully Adjustable Sliding Desktop
Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness
8 Level Magnetic Resistance
Pulse Monitoring
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic 16 Levels of Magnetic Resistance
Performance Console
Weight Capacity of 300LBS

1. Vanswe Recumbent Bike – Best Recumbent Exercise Bike under 500

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike under 500The first bike that we are going to review is a recumbent exercise bike that has a very elegant look. Stylistically it has a very contemporary design available in both a black or silver finish. Vanswe has created a recumbent bike that has a fit for all designs.

With a weight capacity of 380 lbs, multiple people can use this bike effectively. Just set up your profile and you are ready to go. Let us review it further below.

Important features you need to know

LCD screen: Now a day almost every great recumbent bike has a designated LCD that helps in tracking your progress every day. The Vanswe recumbent bike also does pretty well in this aspect as it has an LCD screen that tracks your heartbeat, speed, distance, time taken, and calories burned while you are performing a hardcore workout session.

Smart Technology: The Bluetooth Smart technology installed in the Vanswe recumbent bike is compatible with your standard IOS and Android devices for tracking your performance through your Smartphone. The recumbent bike also has tablet support for playing media as you are exercising.

16 Levels Resistance: Moreover, The Vanswe recumbent bike has 16 levels of flexible magnetic tension resistance. You can change the resistance levels via a simple knob. Perfect for testing your endurance and strength progress, as you move towards higher levels.

Seat Comfort: Furthermore, one of the most important customer concerns is seat comfort. Vanswe has manufactured a padded seat that provides support to the hip region as you are working out. The infinite slider seat adjustments have a wide range of 5’2” to 6’5”, just sit back and feel the comfort flowing through your legs and adjust accordingly.

  • Designated LCD
  • 16 levels of flexible magnetic resistance
  • 3-year warranty
  • Double belt
  • Infinite slider seat adjustments
  • Bluetooth smart technology
  • Smaller pedal motions
  • Screws might get loose

Fitness Expert’s Note

Vanswe has engineered a recumbent bike that is perfect for home workouts. This compactly designed bike can be kept in your apartment, flat, or backyard for a full-on an intense workout.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708 – Best Recumbent Bike for Home Use

Best Recumbent Bike for Home UseSecond, on our list is a recumbent bike that has a great step-through design, the simplicity of the design makes it easier for the customer to get on the bike and start riding.

There is no need to overextend your legs like while getting on your recumbent bike, all you have to do is step over the lower-bar, climb up on the seat, and starting exercising. Let us explore this bike further below.

Important features you need to know

Comfort Workout: Now achieve your fitness goals by maintaining the level of comfort while working out. The new Sunny health recumbent bike has a cushioned seat, which does not allow any extra pressure on your back. It is ultimately better for your posture and back in the long term. The extra padded seats ensure that there is maximum tension in your body while working out.

Resistance Levels: In addition to this, there are 8 magnetic tension resistance levels. These resistance levels will help you in improving your overall endurance levels and help you to burn more calories as you change the resistive level.

Digital Monitor: Moreover, there is a user-friendly digital monitor installed that has simple adaptive functions. It is non-complicated and delivers only the essential information on the display like the time, speed, distance as well as your heartbeat. Sometimes, simplicity is the best option to go with.

Easy Transport: Furthermore, the Sunny fitness bike has in-built transportation wheels, the two wheels at the front are perfect for moving the bike and placing it at your desired spot for an intense workout. There is also a pulse sensor installed at the handlebars that measure your pulse rate throughout the work rate. It is an effective tool for strategic workouts.

  • Unique adaptive design
  • 3-year warranty
  • 8 magnetic resistance levels
  • Convenient Digital monitor
  • In-built transportation wheels
  • Pulse sensor
  • Little bit expensive
  • Average pedal quality

Fitness Expert’s Note

This fitness bike does have a somewhat non-traditional design that looks great. The improved resistance levels and cushioned seats are its top features. The Sunny fitness bike performs up to the expectations and is now available at a discounted price of around 350 USD.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4631 – Compact Recumbent Exercise Bike

Compact Recumbent Exercise BikeThe next exercise bike on our list has been developed with clear intentions of making it extremely luxurious and comfortable. Overall, the compactness of the machine is brilliant and it has been engineered with fine quality materials.

It is bound to be long-lasting as the manufacturer has taken due care in product development. We shall further explore some exciting features of this brilliant exercise bike below.

Important features you need to know

Upright Design: The exercise bike has more of an upright design, with most of its anterior standing tall. This kind of design is perfect for easily entering and leaving the bike once you are done with your workout.

Handlebars: Moreover, the manufacturer has also placed the handlebars in an ideal position for easy maneuvering during different phases of workout. The handlebars have dual positions for gripping, which can be adjusted according to the customer’s preference.

Adjustable Resistance Level: Moving on, the recumbent bike has an 8-levels adjustable resistance that is ideal for getting a proper intense exercising session out of this machine. The resistance levels will give you an idea of your endurance and strength levels. Combine the resistance training with great nutrition to develop muscles fast and better.

Pulse Sensor: Furthermore, the stylish exercise bike also has a pulse sensor attached to it, this sensor accurately measures your pulse rate and notifies you accordingly. You can use the information extracted by the pulse sensor to stimulate your workout more effectively and burn more fat at a defined time.

Padded Seat: In addition to this, the comfortable padded seat of the bike can be adjusted concerning the customer’s height. This helps in achieving better comfort and focus during the workout sessions. Choose your ideal seating adjustments before riding the bike for better performance results.

  • Easy step-through design
  • 8-levels of magnetic resistance
  • Handlebars with dual-position grip
  • Built-in transportation wheels
  • Pulse sensor
  • 3-year warranty
  • Poor customer service
  • Average pedal quality

Fitness Expert’s Note

Well if you hunting for a recumbent exercise bike that is below 500 USD and has good quality manufacturing. This is a great option for you as the design of the bike is an easy step-through style that is more user-friendly and easily adaptable.

4. MaxKare Recumbent Exercise Bike – Most Popular Recumbent Exercise Bike

Most Popular Recumbent Exercise Bike Next up on our list is a greatly designed machine that has some next-level features. The machine has a classic gray and black color combination that looks contemporary and posh. The black finish of the body has a great shine that complements the overall look.

The manufacturer has engineered the parts accurately and developed the mechanics thoroughly, enabling optimal performance. We shall discuss the features of the best recumbent bike under 500 USD in our review below.

Important features you need to know

LCD Monitor: The MaxKare Recumbent bike has a smart LCD monitor that precisely tracks your workout details as you are improving your results every day. The LCD monitor keeps your data stored as well so that you can look at it and compare it to your previous sessions. The display generally monitors your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate.

Handles Qualities: Moreover, the recumbent bike’s handlebars are embedded in vinyl foam that ensures stiff grip during pedaling so that you can maintain consistent body balance during a workout. The ergonomic handles also have a pulse sensor installed inside them that can track your pulse. And give you an idea about the adjustments you need to make to exercise effectively.

Resistance Levels: The modern exercise bike has an 8-levels of magnetic tension resistance levels. These resistance levels are highly responsive and provide insight into your fitness level. Now alternate between these resistance levels to improve your leg workout and develop lower muscles.

Easy to Move: In addition to this, the MaxKare Recumbent bike can easily be stored and moved from place to place. This is made possible thanks to the built-in transportation wheels. The recumbent bike has a maximum weight capacity of 300 LBS.

  • Contemporary design
  • Smart LCD monitor
  • Weight capacity of 300 LBS
  • 8-levels of magnetic resistance levels
  • Vinyl foamed handlebars
  • Budget-friendly
  • Poor customer service

Fitness Expert’s Note

This bike is easily the best recumbent bike under 500 USD as it is comparatively cheaper and has some elite features discussed above. Overall, the bike has no major flaws and is a great option for a home workout.

5. Exerpeutic 2500 – Comfortable Recumbent Exercise Bike

Comfortable Recumbent Exercise BikeNext up on our list is a bike designed smartly according to the current trends. There is a large empty shelf area right in front of the user. Yes, Exerpeutic 2500 has made it possible for you to read your mail, watch a YouTube video as you are cycling in the morning.

There are some interesting features associated with this product. We shall review them below.

Important features you need to know

Advanced Level Seat: The Exerpeutic 2500 recumbent bike has a large oversized seat befitted with aerodynamic technology allowing air to pass through the fabric of the seat. In this way, during a workout, your back will be a little cooler allowing you to put more effort into the workout.

Adjustable Backrest: There is a 3 angle-adjustable backrest installed that can be customized according to your preference. This shall provide increased support to your back muscles and protect them from any sort of pain.

Resistance Level: In addition to this, the Exerpeutic 2500 recumbent bike has 14 levels of extreme resistance. These levels of resistance have magnetic tension that tests your endurance levels to the limit. This feature translates your fitness goals and body progress. Get on the exercise bike and challenge yourself by pedaling at higher levels.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Furthermore, the exciting recumbent bike has Bluetooth connectivity with the Smart Cloud Fitness app available on the IOS and Android platforms. Simply download the app on your Smartphone and track your fitness goals right from your fingertips.

  • 14 levels of extreme resistance
  • Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness
  • 3 angle-adjustable backrest
  • Fully adjustable sliding desktop
  • 3.3” extra thick airsoft seat
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Parts issue

Fitness Expert’s Note

Now you can burn calories as you are working on your laptop. Yes, the smart design of the recumbent bike enables you to work as you are exercising. If you are some sort of a multitasking person, this is a perfect option for you.

6. EXERPEUTIC 300SR – Best Value Recumbent Exercise Bike

Best Value Recumbent Exercise BikeEXERPEUTIC has designed a bike that has an excellent foldable seat feature. The recumbent bike folds up to half of its original size. Hence, this effectively saves space and the bike can be stored easily in small apartments and flats.

This is one of the best features related to recumbent bikes as it provides the customer with a little more flexibility. The recumbent bike has several other great features that we shall discuss in our review below.

Important features you need to know

Easy On & Off: Firstly, let us talk about the design of this beautiful bike. The bike has a semi-recumbent design, which makes getting on and off the bike very convenient. The bike has a rich grayish finishing to its body. Even though the machine is cheaper than others, the manufacturer has still not compromised on the build quality.

Handlebars: Developed with top-notch materials, this surely vouches for the durability of the machine. The handlebars are to the sides of the body instead of the front. This results in better gripping during an intense workout.

LCD Display: Moreover, there is a large LCD right in front of the user, that has easy to read display, which helps you monitor your progress. The LCD shall display general information like distance, speed, calories burned, etc. So that you can develop your workout rhythm accordingly.

Smooth Pedaling: In addition to this, now the pedaling has become smoother than ever on the new Exerpeutic 300SR recumbent bike. Thanks to the 3 piece cranking system that has high torque, pedaling has become consistent and swift. There is no need for you to put extra pressure as the balanced flywheel and V-belt drive shall do this for you.

Magnetic Levels: Furthermore, the Exerpeutic 300SR recumbent bike comes with the standard 8 levels magnetic tension system that provides you an insight into your developing strength and endurance. There are small pulse sensors also installed inside the handle grip that continuously monitor your pulse rate.

  • Cheaper option
  • Large LCD
  • Balanced flywheel and V-belt drive
  • Pulse monitoring
  • Foldable semi-recumbent design
  • 8 level magnetic resistance
  • Poor customer service
  • Clicking noise issue

Fitness Expert’s Note

It has a semi-recumbent design that is more convenient than traditional exercise bikes. Moreover, the 3 piece cranking system shall make pedaling easy for you. It is easily the best value for money recumbent bike available on this list for you.

7. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4616 – Indoor Recumbent Bike

Indoor Recumbent BikeLast but not the least, is one of my personal favorites. This recumbent bike has the support of around 400 positive reviews and is one of the top-rated recumbent bikes today.

This is because the machine has been engineered with a step-through design for easy getting in and out of the bike. There are certain necessary features of this bike that we shall discuss in our review below.

Important features you need to know

Magnetic Resistance Level: Equipped with 16 levels of magnetic resistance, this recumbent bike tests your muscles to the limit. Well, having such an extensive level of tension resistance level puts a great deal of pressure on the leg muscles that ultimately results in faster and better growth of the muscles.

Higher the resistance level more will be the blood flow to your quadriceps and hamstring muscles. And subsequently, a much more improved workout session will be achieved.

Device Holder: In addition to this, this smartly designed bike has a device holder bracket. You can play different TV shows, videos and browse the web as you are pedaling. The recumbent bike also has a Performance console that has advanced performance monitor. It tracks your time, speed, calories burned, pulse, rotation per minute, and distance covered. This effectively helps you in tracking your progress every time you hit the pedal.

Wide Foot Pedals: Furthermore, the recumbent bike has wide foot pedals that fit all types of shoes perfectly. The pedals have a smoother grip and straps for perfectly fitting your shoes. Moreover, the ergonomic handlebars of the recumbent bike also have pulse sensors that monitor your pulse as you are working out.

  • Tablet holder
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Performance console
  • Step-through design
  • Weight capacity of 300LBS
  • Average parts quality

Fitness Expert’s Note

Stocked with some of the tops of the line features that you can get in a recumbent bike, this is surely the best recumbent bike under 300 USD available today.

Buying Guide for Recumbent Bike Under $500

Performance Aspect

Make sure that you go through the product’s description thoroughly, so that you can have an idea about its mechanism and engineering. In this way, you shall be able to buy a product that has top-notch performance and results.

Seat Comfort Level

This aspect is also very important to certain customers, as none wants to compromise on comfort when they are paying several hundred bucks for a machine. Moreover, ergonomically designed seats are also great for reducing back and knee pains.


It is also an important aspect, as the customer cannot afford to go through the hassle of buying such a machine any time soon. Therefore, you must buy a product that is long-lasting and manufactured with top quality materials.

Budget Concerns

This article is perfect for those customers that want to buy an excellent product under a specific budget range. Therefore, this compilation of recumbent bikes is under 500 USD and easily addresses this concern of the customer.

Summarizing Things Up

Not only is a recumbent exercise bike beneficial for your health but it also improves your mood and makes you happier, disciplined, and focused. I have compiled a list of 7 best available recumbent bikes under 500 USD. Besides, I have reviewed them in detail so that you can make up your mind regarding buying them. I hope that this article shall assist you in choosing your desired bike.

EXERPEUTIC 300SR Recumbent Exercise Bike as it is the most top-rated option on this list. If you have a low budget then choose Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708 as it has features that make it the best recumbent bike under 300 USD. While MaxKare Exercise Bike is the best recumbent bike under 500.

If you have any queries regarding this article, feel free to ask me and I’ll get back to them as soon as possible.

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