Recumbent Bike Workout for Weight Loss

recumbent bike workout for weight loss

Recumbent bikes have immense potential to help you drop off calories! What makes it the most ideal gear compared to those of cardio treadmills & stationary bikes is the level of comfort you will have while having a workout on a recumbent bike.

Since you sit back in a semi-leaned back position, hence some users believe that the recumbent bike wouldn’t provide you with an effective workout. But this is not the case! So, if you have the right workout plan just in your hand then this bike can be a lifesaver for you.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout To Burn Fat

Let me tell you why?

It makes your workout routine quite enjoyable & hassle-free to opt for every day!

Hence, consistency in your workout routine is the most important thing that could be only achieved with this impressively designed recumbent bike.

Either it’s your home or a gym station, recumbent bikes are the most suitable option to lose weight in 2021.

Recumbent Bike interval Session

The interval session also known as the recumbent bike workout plan for beginners is mainly related to a cardio workout, this session helps you generate your potential and also trains you for upcoming sessions.

What does the session demand from you?

You can do one moment of hard runs on a bicycle followed by 30 minutes of medium or moderate speed. You can accomplish it by essentially expanding or diminishing the pedal speed to develop the obstruction.

The first session is mainly designed to prepare your body for the upcoming session. Especially the beginners or those who haven’t been regularly visiting the gym should try this out before proceeding further.

Recumbent High Intensity Interval Training

The first session or a warm-up session opens a new way for your body to experience intensive workouts. An intensive workout is a must-have practice to reduce calories.

The problem is we start doing HIIT without making our body used to it. So, the first set floor for your body to enter into a workout that actually works!

What does the session demand from you?

So, you are probably going to complete 30 seconds high intensity interval training (HIIT) at that point the recuperation time frame shouldn’t be more than a minute. Carry on until your body gets used to it, once your body stamina is boosted now you can gradually increase HIIT period.

With this exercise routine, you will require a recumbent bike that comes with various resistance levels, ideally up to 20. Coming up next is the proposed practice plan anyway don’t hesitate to change as per your abilities and the availability of gear you have had!

Level RPM Period
8 90 3-5 minutes
15 80 1- 2 minutes
1 50 1 & half minutes

Dumbbell Workout to Loss Weight

Get a couple of free dumbbells 8-10 pounds for females and 10 to 20 pounds for males. This exercise is similar to the one above. However, working out on a leg won’t benefit the upper body parts, so the dumbbells can be the best solution to cover the entire body workout plan.

What does the session demand from you?

It’s going to be the most intensive session of the entire workout plan in which you will be having a short but highly-speed workout whether it’s your feet or upper body parts. But the intensive workout with a dumbbell surely reduces extensive calories and helps you lose weight.

However, the session is known as a recumbent workout for seniors this is due to the stamina that has made you senior! It demands passion & speedy exercise to accelerate weight reduction and develop perseverance.

The intensity of a workout with a dumbbell can literally make you breathless and burn calories quickly.

Level RPM Period Remarks
8 80 3 minutes Crossbody punches
12 60  2 minutes Pressing shoulders
9 80 2 minutes Rias front

Assemble Resistance and Strength

The successful exercise centers around obstruction building and persistence. Like the above workout sessions, this one will leave you breathless & tired. But believe me, it’s highly useful for your body

What does the session demand from you?

Despite being extremely hard to achieve yet, you may have multiple other options to stay on your path. For example, if the session is getting too easy, up the level from 1 to 2 or as per the requirement. Or if the session seems hard to achieve you can decrease the level but increase your recovery time.

It’s probably the last session where you can excessively kill your calories to lose weight. Getting the previous shape back is not easy but a smooth kick start can gradually & successfully bring you some stunning upshots.

Select manual mode on the recumbent bike and change the levels in accordance with the guide underneath.

Level RPM Period
8 90 3-5 minutes
11 80 4- 5 minutes
15 50 2-4 minutes

A Present Workout Plan

Some recumbent bikes have the feature of pre-set workout plans. All you have to do is choose 1 of your choice and get yourself ready to embark on a journey of losing calories.

Basically, pick one of the presents and it would allow you to do different kinds of workout plans to consume abundance pounds and get in shape.

While doing some cycling on a recumbent bike encourages you to improve fitness without harming your joints. Some of the preset advantages are!

  • It helps to support the knee joints & lubricates them & the lubrication heals pain & keeps them strong.
  • It gives a very low impact on joints, which is significant if you have issues with your knees or hips. It is additionally useful for individuals with constant back pain.

Some Last Words

Although losing weight was not that easy! But the invention in the face of a recumbent bike that comes with multiple productive features to bring some persistence in your workout is an impeccable gear to opt for.

On top of that, Recumbent bike benefits of losing weight through an everyday workout are the need of everyone to get into a healthy life routine.

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