What is Recumbent Exercise Bike?

Staying fit and healthy has thankfully become a trend these days with cardiovascular workouts being an important part of the routine and what would be better than burning it with the correct cardio equipment be it at the gym or home!?

If you too are tired of finding yourself perfectly effective cardio gear then this piece of content is definitely a savior for you. So, let’s have a dig start with a little background of cardio exercise.

Cardio Workout

A recumbent bike is an exercise machine, which gives you the ultimate lower body cardiovascular workout that you need for a healthy fitness transformation.

Recumbent exercise bikes are popular all around the world because of the amazing benefits they give an intense workout to the lower part of your body without tiring you. This is why people love resorting to this machine for better working out.

Let’s take a look in detail at what is a recumbent exercise bike?

What is a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

A recumbent bike is a stationary cycle that is known to be one of the best cardio equipment because of its appealing benefits and ensured results.

A recumbent bike is an excellent tool for exercising at home. This is particularly ideal for those who are suffering from back and knee problems. Thanks to its reclined seat that will rock you during your workout.

It consists of a comfortable large seat, backrest, and pedals on the front of your body to make it a smooth and comfortable experience. Apart from the attractive design, it has an immense amount of benefits that are discussed in detail below.

What does Recumbent Exercise Bike Mean?

What does a recumbent exercise bike mean? That’s a question many people might think of when they see this machine.

The recumbent bike is designed with an ergonomic seat that allows you to sit back while pedaling, instead of having your hands on the handlebars like in traditional bikes for instance!

A recumbent bike differs from a standard bicycle and elliptical machine, mainly in how you position yourself on the device. With an elliptical machine, you stand. On a standard bicycle, you sit upright or stand on the pedals.

What does a Recumbent Exercise Bike Do?

With the help of a recumbent bike, you are, obviously, a recumbent, with a backrest supporting your spine. This low-slung, seated position makes a recumbent bike valuable for people with back pain or knee problems.

Riding a recumbent bike also helps to strengthen the hamstring muscles more effectively than using an upright bicycle.

Things That We Loved

Let’s move and read about the main features of the Recumbent Bike that make it different than other bikes.

Adjustable Seat and Back: One of the best features of the Recumbent Bike is the adjustable seat and back. It helps you to sit in a comfortable and correct position.

Adjustable Resistance: The resistance of a recumbent exercise bike is also adjustable; in this way, you will be able to customize the workout. Therefore, prefer stationary bikes with magnetic or electromagnetic resistance which will be easy to adjust.

Sturdy Structure: If you want stability and above all, you want to workout in total safety, then a recumbent exercise bike would be your priority. It has a robust structure and made with high-quality materials.

Display Console: Most of the recumbent exercise bike has a display console that shows you speed, calories burnt, distance, and pulse rate.

Advantage of Recumbent Exercise Bike

As working out and burning is never an easy or comfortable experience, a recumbent bike is by far the best cardio equipment in terms of complete back support during an intense workout.

1- Ideal for Beginners

It is the right option for first-time riders and is recommended even by the trainers to start cardio with a recumbent bike as it allows you to rest your upper body and focus entirely on the lower body motivating you to stay dedicated and burn harder while partially resting at the same time.

2- Reclined Position

The feature of this bike that attracts most people is its reclined position. It allows you to rest on your back and read, play online games, or watch television while exercising which motivates you to stay longer on the cycle without getting bored.

However, it is highly recommended to pay attention to the workout and not to compromise on the intensity for effective results.

3- Back Support

One of the obvious features of this bike that is probably loved by everyone is the full-back support. Usually cardio is the least favorite exercise among people because of its high intensity. A recumbent bike is designed in a way to make cardio workouts a bit comfortable that makes it perfect for the older.

The back seat allows you to rest and relax the upper body muscles so that it becomes a comparatively relaxing experience.

4- Reduced Impact on Joints

Treadmills are common cardio equipment found almost everywhere but one of the cons of using a treadmill is that it has a great impact on your joints which keeps getting intense with the increasing speed.

However, a recumbent bike has pedals in front of the seat which releases the pressure on your lower body joints.

5- Safe for Cardiac Patients

Riding a recumbent bike is absolutely safe for patients having cardiac limitations. As it provides posture correctness, lenient pedaling, and also prevents the post-workout stress caused due to high or low-intensity cardio workouts.

It is also recommended as rehab equipment for the patients who recover from an injury and are advised to be careful regarding their exercises.

An Upright Bike or A Recumbent Bike, What to Choose?

So, people often get confused about the selection of stationary bikes for the cardio workout. Either you are working out at the gym or at your home. Whether you are wishing to burn a lot of calories or just a few of them.

Nevertheless, you can go with any of the options. Although both of the stationary bikes could prove to be equally effective depending on the dedication and intensity of your workout, all you need to know is the difference between the two of them.

Upright Bike Vs Recumbent Bike

An upright bike is designed as traditional outdoor bikes and cycles we ride, with pedals under the body and seat placed in an upright position offering a full range of motion. The seat of a traditional upright bike is comparatively smaller resulting in an impact on the upper body as well.

A recumbent bike lets the upper body muscles relax completely during the high and low-intensity workout offering a lower range of motion.

The focus of a recumbent bike is on the lower body cardiovascular workout. On the other hand, a traditional upright bike focuses on the whole body’s cardiovascular workout with a more consistent run similar to the outdoor cycles.

Some Last Words

The recumbent bike is a model of exercise bike that differs from the upright bike. In fact, these bikes are equipped with a seat and a comfortable anatomic backrest that allow you to maintain a correct position throughout the session.

These exercise bikes are ideal if you have back or joint problems and also for the elderly or for those who are going through a rehabilitation course. If this is your case, then the recumbent exercise bike might be the perfect tool for you.